Cane Toad Myths

If you want to know how much of an impact Cane Toads are having a really good indicator is the fact that within a century they have spawned (no pun intended) a host of myths and legends. Here are a couple of common ones:

Cane Toads can "spit venom".

This is a fallacy. The glands on a Toads back have no connection to the toads mouth, although it's a good idea not to squeeze them.

Licking a Cane Toad can get you "high".

Licking a Cane toad will not get you "high". It will get you hospitalised or even your very own under ground retirement pad complete with brass inlays and a stone garden feature.

Cane Toads Can't Swim.

This again is untrue, Cane Toads are excellent swimmers and have no problem crossing large body's of water or hanging out in your pool.

If you've got any others please let us know!!!