Cane Toads Found in Sydney

In Feb of this year (2009), eight Cane Toads were discovered to have made their way as far south as Sydney. This is a worrying development, more so due to the lack of a perceived threat being displayed by officials.

In our experience for every toad that is found there are probably another four or five that were missed. And these animals don't need much of a foothold to really get established. Once they are - it's almost impossible to eradicate them (but we're trying eh?). The theory has been that due to their need for warmth to operate (ecto-thermism) the cold winters down south would preclude their ability to survive there.

I don't subscribe to this theory. All reptiles and amphibians are ecto-thermic and yet they are well established throughout the Australian continent. I see no reason why the Cane Toad would not hibernate as they do. Only to re-emerge and continue their devastation. More research on this needs to be done.

Image showing the spread of the Toad since it's introduction to Australia in 1935.

If more isn't done the Cane Toad will become so entrenched in our national parks and other heritage areas that they will be impossible to eradicate.

This will be nothing short of an ecological disaster.