Cane Toad

The Cane toad was introduced to North QLD Australia in 1935 in a failed effort to control the cane beetle. It has been found as far south as Sydney, (although it does seem to be established there) and is considered a major threat to native species due to its toxicity and ability to exploit almost any environment.

These animals will consume almost any living thing that they can squeeze into their mouths including inc mammals and reptiles.

Rhinella marina, formerly Bufo marinus

The two most common forms we have in Aus

On the hunt

The cane toad is an old species. A fossil toad (specimen UCMP 41159) from the La Venta fauna of the late Miocene of Colombia is indistinguishable from modern cane toads from northern South America

The humane method of culling toads is to place them in a lined container inside a freezer for 24 hrs. Being ectothermic the Toads body temperature will drop to an unsustainable level with a minimum of suffering to the animal. Other methods such as clubbing the animals etc simply means that native animals that find and ingest the carcass will probably die. Not to mention that deliberate animal cruelty in any form for any reason is deplorable and weak.