Laughing Kookaburra

Dacelo novaeguineae perched on my weight bench - glad someone's using it eh? lol.

I've even watched these guys dig for worms!

He may not be laughin, but I'm pretty sure he's grinning eh?

Identification: 40-47cm. Unmistakable 'chuckling/laughter' call hence the name. Massive disproportionate bill. Brown bar through eye. This guy looks to be a juvenile and is making his presence known to all and sundry - much to some of the other birds chagrin ...

This Iconic Australian bird is one of the largest 'kingfishers' in the world. However, they are just as likely to hunt snakes or lizards than 'fish' and will happily scavenge meat. We have them as regular guests, cracking themselves up most evenings around the place.