Carlia longipes (Skink)

I'm yet to meet a lizard I didn't like and these guys are no exception. They are plentiful in our garden and are quite tame. They can be extremely precocious and think nothing of wandering inside the house to see what might be happening in there.

Carlia longipes male

I should also add that these guys are the reptile 'Laurel and Hardy's' of the garden. They fight and squabble, chasing each other for hours with lots of head bobbing and tail twitching. If you're feeling blue - watching them is a great way of feeling a little better.


The name loosely translates as 'long footed'

We've also noticed that they are excellent scavengers - breakfasting on any unfortunate insect that may have died in the night from blundering into our lights. Fantastic little animals.

As with most, if not all long tailed Skinks the tail can be discarded when under attack in order to confuse predators - however, sometimes if the tail is not fully detached it will continue to grow and with it a second tail - producing a fork. In some countries/cultures lizards with such an appendage are considered venomous [which, of course - they're not].

A battle hardened little guy note the greyish scars on the back and head

Body varies in colour from pale to dark brown, tail is a paler brown and may bear some whitish spots. Head is paler than the body, flanks are reddish-brown, belly is whitish. There is a black stripe from the nostril to near the forelimb. Breeding males are flushed with orange. Four fingers per forelimb, 5 toes per hind limb.