Keelback (2)

Identification: Moderately large eyes with round pupils, strongly keeled. Typically grey to brown or olive.

A very exciting day around the garden today! This was the third (yes third!) keelback that I spotted in our yard today. The first two (both juveniles) I spotted during the day, out enjoying the sunshine and cruising through the shrubs. I spent a while observing one of them but unfortunately he was to fast for me to capture on film. I was disappointed, but thoroughly enjoyed watching him nevertheless.

Then this evening I popped out to see if our new resident (baby green tree frog) had made an appearance and there was this little fellow hanging out by the pool fence. Admittedly he is probably one of the ones I saw earlier in the day..but I'm sticking to my count of three and at least this one was kind enough to sit still long enough for me to photograph him!


  1. HEY!!!! I'll do the snakes - you do the cute froggy type things ok ...lmao!

  2. Hee hee! yes I know...but who found the snakes ay??? lol!

  3. Oh sure ... brag about it - no, no, don't apologise ... cheeky bugger.


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