Sunbird Saga

As promised, over the last 2 weeks I have been keenly following the building of the sun bird nest our on our porch. I have managed to photograph the progress of the nest build on a day to day basis and I for one am tired just from watching! I hope you enjoy the pics just as much as I have enjoyed observing the mummy sun bird effortlessly creating this masterpiece!

Day 2 - Setting the foundations.
Day 3 - Busy, busy!
Mummy sun bird spends the entire day, from sun up to dusk building her home. She is rarely away from the nest for 5 minutes at a time. Now that's a busy lady!

Days 5 & 6 - Things are starting to take shape.
Once the foundations are complete the sun bird then starts to create a dome shape nest. The entire nest from top to bottom at completion will be 30 - 50cm in length.

Day 7 - A woman's work is never done!

Day 8 - Nearly finished & starting to really look like home.

Day 9 & 10 - Just a few finishing touches..
The sun bird uses feathers and other soft material to line the nest. In this case mum uses hair from our dog that she finds in the garden!

Day 14 - Ahhh..Just perfect.
Everything is finished and mum settles in. Now the real work begins.

Wheres dad?
Now just in case you're wondering where pops has been throughout this busy schedule? Well, he has spent most of his time sitting on our exercise machine (just by the nest) admiring himself in our lounge window. Its a tough life hey?


  1. WOW!. That's awesome. You're soooo lucky to have them around!

    I love the blog, really nice pictures - thanx for all your hard work!


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