Yellow-bellied Sunbird

All has been very quiet in the garden for the last two months. The winter chill settled over Far North Queensland (if there is such a thing in the tropics!) and all creatures great and small have been keeping themselves well and truly hidden.
That is, until about a week ago, when the nights started getting warmer again and we have started seeing signs of life. A white lip frog here and there, a snake looking for a mate, bandicoots scavenging for food and as of yesterday a pair of sun birds started building their nest on our porch.

I never tire of this spectacle, watching a female sun bird building her nest is quite something. The tireless collecting and weaving of material, the constant supervision (and occasional comment) from the male and the intricate design that goes into the nest itself is quite amazing.

So, this year I've decided to try and document the process from it's humble beginnings of a piece of string dangling from my porch, to the final splendour of the completed nest.

Nectarinia jugularis (male)


The Yellow Bellied or Allied Sunbird is a common and welcome sight to most people in N.Australia. They are generally nectar eaters [with their specialised curved beak and long flickering tongue]. And are found throughout S.E Asia, Solomon Isles and N.Australia.

Pics Updated 28/07/2012 - you can check out Jo's fascinating nest building post here: Sun Bird Saga

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Paul :)