A snake in the freezer

The neighbour called up the other night to ask if I would come and get a snake out of their house,seems this little keelback had decided to slip in through a tear in the screen door and make himself at home - not the best move as the neighbours really aren't all that keen on scaly visitors ...

Anyway, it all went well - the cheeky wee bugger had hidden himself inside the casing of a chest freezer so it was a matter of taking off the panelling and coaxing him out.

He was a little snappy [frightened], but once he was back outside and released he was no worse for wear and hopefully is gobbling up juvenile Cane Toads in good health.

All in all, a great night ~


  1. and a good job, too.
    Have only jusy worked out how to do this which is why the comment is so much later than the eveny.


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