Pink Tongued Skink

So there we were minding our own business watching something appropriately mind numbing on the idiot box, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted, what I at first in the gloom thought was an extremely large gecko clambering up the inside of the screen door - but no.

As I got a little closer I discovered this chap. A Pink Tongued Skink - who had, for reasons of his own decided that a good meal might be found atop our sliding door.

I was absolutely stoked! I had seen blue tongues down south, but never a pink tongue in the 'wild' - (hey, our place can get pretty wild, believe me...)

Anyway, after carefully plucking him from his precarious perch (with some hissing and half hearted snapping - just to add to the drama of it all), this extraordinarily beautiful little lizard settled down and begrudgingly accepted a grape, some honey covered (raw) mince and a gulp of water before he was released back into the garden in the morning.

I tell ya, this is one little guy that I sincerely hope makes our garden a regular stomping ground.

Cyclodomorphus gerrardii

The Pink Tongued Skink is one of the few Australian lizards with a prehensile tail and in juveniles, such as the one pictured, their tongue is actually purple or blue ... which makes you wonder why they aren't called the 'At Some Point Purplish Tongued Lizard' ... but they're not - best not to think about it really ...