Froggie outings.

The wet season brings out all types of frogs, and our garden on any given night has quite a collection. This is when I'm at my happiest, torch & camera in hand looking to see who's out and about. Here are a few examples of who is around at the moment.

This lovely fellow above is a young Green Tree Frog. He has been around for a while and I've spotted him on numerous occasions climbing out of his "home' ...the pool fence.

This is a Brown Striped Frog, more often than not I find him in our swimming pool in the morning and have to fish him out and send him on his merry way, before he gets sucked into the creepy crawly!

and a female Stoney Creek Frog. She's out looking for suitable males to mate with, but unfortunately I've yet  to see any in the garden this year. Normally, we have half a dozen or so hanging out by the pool waiting for her. (Maybe they're just running late this year..who knows?)


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