Green Whizzer Cicada

Length 45-50mm. Head & thorax green with dark band across body at base of wings.

This beautiful specimen is a Cicada. I was amazed to finally find one in our garden, as you can generally hear them but seldom see them! These are the insects that make the high pitched buzzing noises, often in the heat of the day. Sometimes with the larger sizes the pitch is so high that it reaches the limits of pain that the human ear can tolerate. In fact, some Cicadas we can't hear at all because they are beyond our range of hearing. Quite amazing really.

Now, the other reason these insects fascinate me is because they spend most of their life cycle under ground in nymph form. Sometimes this can mean several years and there are even a certain species in the USA that spend up to 18 years under ground!!! Once they climb out of their home under the earth , then they only  live a very short life, maybe a couple of weeks. Enough time to mate and some would say that's all that's required!