Moth - Amerila sp.

One of the truly amazing things about the tropics is that there seems to be an almost endless supply of new forms and colours in what, to some, may seem otherwise unremarkable creatures.

I think Gerald Durrell summed it up best in his book 'Catch me a Colobus':

"The tropics have been designed like a flamboyant Hollywood epic to make you realise how tiny and insignificant you really are, and how complex and beautiful the world is that you live in"

To illustrate his point. Here's a pic of a moth that Jo took:

Debate rages re: species lol

Amerila sp.

Attempting to identify this moth has left me with a migraine - the Genus will just have to do .... 

Regardless, I think it's a beautiful animal and a brilliant photo. Moreover, I often wonder do people ever really pause long enough and admire these little creatures to fully comprehend their importance and fragility?.

Ah well, I won't preach [I much prefer to rant and rave].

So, if you're in your garden, take a good look around - you might just be amazed at what's sitting, flying, crawling, hopping, gliding, sliding or digging right on your door step.

It sure as hell beats watching the Tele eh?.

A big thanks to Snail from A Snails Eye View for her input on the classification.

I really do appreciate everyone's input and support.


  1. While I've got my moth books out...I wonder if this one might be Amerila rubripes? It's very similar to Aloa marginata, but is heavier on the polka dots.

  2. Hi again snail, I've decided not to be species specific, I'm now almost convinced it's Amerila alberti ... and close to a nervous breakdown over it

    So I'll leave it there, thanks again for the input.

  3. This stuff is always a work in progress! Moth identification wasn't meant to be easy. I've got that wrong, haven't I?

  4. Hi B, yeh, it is a constant work in progress ... and I'm no scientist. Too be honest with you, I'm not concerned with right and wrong, I simply appreciate that you took the time to try and help me work out what it is I think that's awesome, and I'm grateful - so yay you.


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