Croc Numbers Increase in FNQ

Due to the lack of rain in the 'wet' it seems that Crocodiles may be experiencing something of a breeding bonanza. Nests that during a normal monsoon season would've been flooded have survived and freshly hatched Crocs are able to stay within the relative safety of their mothers protection without being swept away by flood waters.

No doubt the local 'media' will latch onto this story as soon as they realise it's sensationalist implications. However, it should be remembered that young Crocs are heavily predated by other animals esp fish and birds.

More young Crocs does not necessarily equate to an overall increase in Croc numbers over the long term. It may though lead to an increase in the numbers of the animals that prey on them - such is the nature of nature.

Personally, I can't wait to get out on the river and take a look around, maybe even get some pics of a 'baby' Croc.

One of the pretty ladies in question on the Daintree River

If I manage to get out on the boat in time, I'll be sure to post some pics [hey, maybe even a vid eh?]

Anyway, it's good news for herpers ... er, and Crocs [at least for a bit].

Have an awesome day :), thanks for stopping by.