Unwelcome Guests

Generally, I'm a live and let live type of guy [except when it comes to feral cats, then I'm a speed up type of guy], but there are some visitors to our Garden that simply take the proverbial.

One such interloper is the Paper Wasp.

Paper Wasps come in a variety of colours and even sizes, but they all have the same appalling attitude - sting first, ask questions later. Their sting isn't all that painful [depending on where they nail you of course], but when there is whole bloody squadron strafing you - well, it's an entomological blitzkrieg.

With that being said though - they are quite interesting to watch [from a respectful distance]. In fact, after some rain the workers can be seen drawing water from the honeycombed chambers that bear their young.

They then studiously regurgitate the water droplets and let them fall from the nest.

The fact is though, that the wee buggers take being unmolested as a signal to invite their extended families and create sub-divisions throughout the yard. At last count there were five nests.

Jo got stung simply walking past a nest - and then it was my turn - whack!, right on the back of the scone.

War had been declared.

There are a variety of ways to remove paper wasp nests, but probably the most efficient, [though slightly grizzly] method is to wait until it's dark [even wasps sleep], and then with a sufficiently flammable aerosol and a lighter ... well, you get the picture.

And I should point out that this can be a touch dangerous. The aerosol can may explode in your hand [which would be bad], and you may very well set fire to whatever the nest happens to be attached too - so you know, use you're own discretion i.e. don't blame me if you blow your hand off or set fire to the barn ...

There are also aerosols on the market that freeze the wasps - and is effective, but at nearly $20.00 a can, well, you do the math.

Anyway, we had five nests, now we have one. One is perfectly acceptable to us, as every native animal has a place in our yard [within reason though eh?].

Even the cranky ones.

Have a great day :)