Garden Moths

Snapped a few Moths [and a very funky beetle] doing their do yesterday after work. I don't know exactly what it is, but I'm becoming a huge fan of Moths [go figure?]. Strangely one of my sisters has a phobia of moths [Mottephobia], - but then to be fair, I guess we're all frightened of something, so why not Moths eh?.

Jumping Spider predating Tiger Moth

I don't have exact I.D's for these guys, but I'll get to it ... in the meantime if you're interested in Moths [or insects in general], here's an absolutely fantastic web site that you may want to check out: LifeUnseen

Groovy Fact:
Annually more new species of animal are discovered in backyards and gardens than in all of the worlds forests and jungles. Obviously that's because people spend more time in their yard than in the rainforest - but still, keep your eye out; you just might find something new to science!

Take care :)


  1. hey, thanks for the comment! - Take care.

  2. hi crash (paul) i love the case moth! :)

    from marie

  3. Hi Marie! Thanks for the comment and stopping by. We do get a lot of them around the place eh? You take care and we'll talk soon ok?.


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