Moth Unknown

Much like in a previous post - here is another example of the extraordinary beauty seen in the smallest of things. We found this Moth, (I have no idea of the species) sitting inside, resting no doubt after having spent the night confusing our lights with the moon.

Oeonistis sp 

And again, all I know about this moth is that it's female (males in some species have 'fluffier' antennae that help them pick up the pheromones released by female moths during their breeding cycle).

Whatever obscure Latin name it happens to have though is a little irrelevant, the point is that it's another example of natures extravagance that often goes unnoticed ...

Have a great day.

The scientific name Lepidoptera actually means “scaly wings”. They are both loved for their beauty and reviled for the sometimes destructive feeding habits of their caterpillars.

There are around 416 species of butterflies and over 22,000 moths in Australia. Perhaps as many as half of Australia’s moths are yet to be formally named. ^