Frog With A Ring

The other night this little Striped Rocket Frog appeared in the joint. He may have been attracted by the insects hovering around the lights, he might have been avoiding a predator or perhaps he was driven in by the rain -

Whatever the reason, there he was. So obviously I decided to snap a pic ... but I thought that some sense of scale was in order as he was tiny - hence the ring in the picture.

Litoria nasuta

There's a Prince Charming joke in there somewhere eh?

As is the way sometimes, it turned out to be better than I'd hoped so I thought I'd post it for you to steal [joke].


Striped Rocket Frogs can be found where ever there is sufficient moisture to support them including open agricultural areas [they prefer vegetated water-ways to breed in however] swamps and woodlands.


50-100 Eggs laid in groups Dec - March. Male calls with a complex wik wik cluc cluc sound. Growth from tadpole to Frog may take less than a month.


Like most amphibians world wide, probably in decline, but still locally 'common'. Threats include habitat loss and chemical pollution. Feral and Domestic Cats.

After the pics were taken he was released back outside, hopefully to grow up and continue to populate our garden with his offspring.

April is Save the Frogs Month so if you'd like to do your bit to help our leggy little mates out cut down on the use of pesticides/herbicides in the garden. And if you have a pond that you'd like Frogs to breed in, don't stock it with fish as they will eat the eggs and tadpoles.