Gecko In A Lamp

With the onset of the dry season [or for you folks in the developed world - winter], there has been the chance to turn the air-con off and the lights on. Obviously, this attracts the odd critter thus I can take nature observation to new found heights of sloth and indolence.

Ya gotta feel for the Cricket eh?

The lamp [conveniently situated near the couch] attracted a few interesting guests, but what was most compelling for me was the interplay between predator and prey ...

A quick clean before dinner

Small, but nevertheless dramatic life and death struggles are all around, even within the confines of a lamp less than 250mm [25cm] in diameter. Who needs the Serengeti or Great Barrier Reef [amazing places to be sure - but I'm trying to make a point here ...], when such events are unfolding right at your doorstep?.

So what are ya waiting for? - grab a torch and go have a look, let me know how ya get on eh?

Take care :)

Gecko inspired
Scientists have studied the structure of Gecko's feet and have come up with a brand new type of adhesive called "Gecskin". Initial tests have shown a section of Gecskin roughly the size of an index card can hold 350kg [around 700 pounds] while adhering to a flat surface and can be released with little effort, leaving no residue behind.