Shining Flycatcher

This beautiful little bird can be found in mangroves and around rainforest pools where they swoop down on insects like a mini raptor. The males [pictured] are a resplendent blue and call with a 'whit whit whit' sound, but also make buzzing noises.

Happily, they are quite common, but not seen all that often due to their choice of habitat.

Myiagra alecto

These little guys are non-migratory [birdy folk call it 'sedentary'], so they can be seen the year round though their range is restricted to the top end and eastern Australia - I would imagine N.G also?.

I had never seen one before, so it's always good to get a new 'spot', especially when it's such a handsome animal and hopefully we'll get to see some more new birds as the dry season progresses.

Bird Fact
More than 30 species of birds are known to use tools, a behaviour that was once considered the sole preserve of humans.


  1. I spotted one of these up at Hartley's Creek Crocodile Farm, feeding near the pond beside the Conference building. I failed dismally to get a photo. I've never seen one anywhere elsse.

  2. Hi Mike, yep, that's exactly where we spotted this little guy ... [well, I dunno about the conference building?...], but still, there he was - being all blue and beautiful. A very handsome bird ... if you'd like to discuss dismal failures, just this arvo we found a skink, right outside our door, with two tails! ... not only did I not get a pic, I managed to injure myself AND damage a screen door Ya have to take the good with the bad I guess. Cheers for the comment - take care.


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