Fire-Tailed Resin Bee

Lately we've been seeing a number of different and quite spectacular bees and wasps around the garden. I've decided though that bees have to be one of the most frustrating subjects to photograph - they're just so damned industrious! ... collective ADHD eh?

Still, with some minor cursing and one paper wasp sting later I managed to get a couple of pics to share with you.

Originally posted [wrongly as it turns out] under Carpenter Bee's. Many thanks to Mike from An imaginatively titled blog for pointing out my error and providing the correct I.D for this bee ... much appreciated.

If you'd like to check out some more info on these lovely little guys and you can't be bothered 'googling' them - head here: Kin Kin native bees or for a bit more of an overview, try

Megachile mystaceana

Check out those mandibles 

The fact of the matter is that the more we learn about the natural world - even the world of our own gardens, the more we realise we simply don't know all that much at all [at least that's been my experience]. Still, with over 2000 species of native bees in Au and only 1700 of them being described, let's not get too hung up on labels eh?.

And with the global decline of honey bees and bees in general, it's always good to spot some in the garden - whatever species they happen to 'be' [no pun intended].

Take care :)


  1. I found a similar specimen a little while ago. I think it's a fire-tailed resin bee (Megachile mystaceana).

  2. Thanks Mike. I appreciate the help with the I.D.

    Take Care


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