Death of an Environment

For reasons of agricultural necessity a new neighbour decided to set fire to the world ... apparently to prepare it for sugar cane.

And hey, it's his land - he can set fire to it if he likes, I understand that. But it's a touch depressing. The grassland that I am so used to looking at and enjoying is gone. Along with all the wildlife it supported - god alone knows how many nesting birds died today ... I'd wager more than a few and countless other animals also.

It gets a bit worse though, because in order to ensure the grass caught, it's best to kill it first ... thus a liberal dose of poison on land adjacent to a creek 4kms from the ocean in an area that is closest to the Great Barrier Reef... nice.

Raptors though feasted. Birds of prey will often fly through the smoke predating or scavenging any animal attempting to flee or was unfortunate enough to have been killed by the flames and smoke.

So with the flick of a butane torch induced by a small rise in the price of sugar a whole environment was destroyed today. And, in case you know little about Cane growing, it will be destroyed annually from now on. Chemicals will be sprayed [and take my word for it - even driving past a tractor spraying 'em is enough to make your lungs burn]. Fires will be lit ... trains will be loaded, processing plants goaded into life, tankers will be called, supermarket shelves stocked and in the end coffee will be sweetened.

[Don't even get me started on bloody coffee producers ...].

So what's to be done? ... well, nothing - there is nothing that can be done. We all want sugar, coffee, oil - in all it's forms, meat, gas, gold, diamonds, cotton, iron, fresh out of season produce, aluminium, plastic, glass, milk, electricity, paint, condoms and apple products ... [to name but a few eh?]. Myself included.

I just wanted to acknowledge the event. And I've done that ... so I think I'll have a beer and contemplate the embers ... and to be honest, I'll feel a bit guilty while I do.


  1. nice post Crash! Bit of a shock to wake up this morning after being at work all day and night yesterday, to find my morning vista is now just a scorched field...sigh x


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