Like Garden Guests on FaceBook?

Yep, Garden Guests has thrown itself into the mix that is 'social networking' ... and hey - if you're quick you could be the first person to like me [err, that didn't come out quite right...].

Anyhoo, the reason I've even bothered is I wanted somewhere to post the bits and pieces that just don't fit on the blog ... travels, ponderings, design stuff and random happenings.

Not to mention finding like minded people to stalk ... get to know. So if you'd like to like me - here's the place to go: Garden Guests on FaceBook. Hope to catch you soon - take care :).

UPDATE: This facebook thing is great! - should've done it ages ago posting pics and bits n pieces from my travels etc nice and quick - brilliant fun. And thanks to those of you who've 'liked' the page also, much appreciated.