The Great Barrier Reef!

Happily over the weekend we got to go out and do a spot of fishing on the GBR [great barrier reef]. It was excellent - with some slight burley chucking from she who shan't be named, just to keep us all on our toes. The skipper landed himself a lovely Coral trout who we subsequently brought home and introduced to the BBQ.

But that wasn't the best bit - and those bits were pretty damned good bits - nope the best part was that we got to see a couple of humpbacked whales. Yep, whales. Sadly we didn't manage any pics ...

Parts of the reef seem to be spawning, so maybe the water is getting warmer earlier than normal?. Which probably isn't good eh?

Anyway, it was a top banana weekend and if you get the chance, grab a line and some mates and pop out for a look. Just remember to only take what ya need and obey the 'rules' so there's fish out there for ya grandkids too... but of course you know all that eh? :)

Coral Spawn

skipper Dan with Dinner

An old toon I did ... seems apropos

Coral spawning difficult to predict

While there are a few indicators for the initiation of these synchronised spawning events, predicting it is a tricky game. "You have to be in the right place at the right time," Stuart Ireland, a marine biologist and underwater photographer who has witnessed the event 12 times in the last 16 years.

What is known is that the phenomenon only happens at night, after rising water temperatures have stimulated the maturation of gametes (the egg and sperm) within the polyps. And they usually occur over several days to just over a week after a full moon. It's thought corals may be able to sense using primitive photoreceptors, although the time of year depends on location. Read More ...