A New Garden

Change. Personally, I'm not fan; but sometimes it's thrust upon us and there's very little to do but strap on some padding and roll with it. Of course there are those insufferable people who claim one should embrace change or that it's as good as a holiday, obviously such people have never taken a decent vacation.

In keeping with the whole change thing, I've given the ole blog a bit of a touch up but as always it'll be tweaked and fiddled with over the next little while, I hope it works for you - if there's a layout issue or it's just not working - let me know eh?

Anyway, we're in new place which obviously means we have a new garden to explore and share with you - and what a garden it is!. It's brimming with fruit trees and surrounded by sugar cane fields yet we're also only a stones throw from the Coral sea.

And we have already come across some spectacular 'new' critters like this Grey Huntsman:

Holconia immanis

This is one of Australia's largest spiders with a full span of a dinner plate. Yep, that's right - a spider the size of your face. However, before ya cancel your flights I should add that they are really rather timid and according to all the research there have been no recorded bites - the general consensus seems to be that the bite itself may very well be quite painful due to the size of the spider (localised pain), but systemic effects are probably limited.

Interestingly there are reports of people claiming that this spider 'screams', and while there are indeed spiders that can make noise - I imagine that most of the screams are coming from people awakening to find one on their bedroom wall ...

We have also been fortunate enough to count three different species of snake in one evening (a new record) and have found a total of four species of snake in the garden to date. Not to mention two new species of bat, two new birds and an incredible array of insects, oh and a very special frog that I can't wait to share with you ... but you'll have to be a little bit patient as time is pressing - so till next time,

Take Care :)

Incredibly Huntsman Spiders are often blamed for causing motor vehicle accidents by scuttling out from their hiding places, (vents, sun-visors and such) causing the stricken driver to panic and lose control ...

All just freaky enough eh?