A Lizard A Butterfly A Frog Etc ... Yawn.

With the health trials and tribulations continuing, I thought I'd slap together another post with some critters I've snapped over the weekend and some from earlier. Nothing like annoying the wildlife to take ya mind off things eh?.

Let's start with this skink - a very handsome soul who I watched as he hunted in the undergrowth. I've not seen it mentioned before, but actually this species is semi-arboreal, it's not unusual to spy one basking on low hanging branches or scrambling through the profusion of plants we have nestled around the place.

Many Carlia are known as 'Rainbow Skinks'

Quite pleased with this shot of a Yellow Grass butterfly - the wind was gusting unpredictably - no tripod and manual focus. So I'm calling it a win. They're quite common, but that little blast of lemon colour is striking against a sea of green plants. I never tire of marvelling at the proboscis - such specialised little beauties.

Eurema hecabe

What whimsical post would be complete without a picture of a frog? And what a frog eh?. The white-lipped tree frog - Australia's, and arguably; the worlds largest tree frog. This one has obviously been in a bit of scrape, (probably with its dinner ...). Meatloaf may be dull, but at least it's easy to subdue.

Litoria infrafrenata

And finally, as I mentioned in the last post we have at least three Night Tigers (Boiga irregularis), around and as I was writing this post - the smallest appeared. I managed a shot or two before she doubled back on herself and disappeared ...

"Mr. DeMille, I'm Ready for My Close-Up"

For those who get a little jaded by the posting of similar animals here on Garden Guests, let me just say this.

These amazing, extraordinary animals live in the yard/house. Too me they are things of endless fascination. I enjoy the fact that as I live with and around them trust is, if not completely established, at least engendered.

The idea that people and 'wild' animals can co-exist will continue to be the focus of this 'blog'. I mean just take a look at that snake! - how can anyone get tired of that?. Seriously.

And take it from me - ya just never know what'll turn up next ;)

No new camera (that'll be a while!), but just for skits and squiggles, I'm planning a post using only phone pics (taken since Nov 2013) - which might be a bit different eh? Actually, it's an interesting sorta tale ...

Till then - Take Care

Paul :)


  1. Awesome Paulie. Looking forward to the post with phone pics x

  2. Hey, you need to feel better. :) Love the photos. As far as I'm concerned, the everyday creatures never get old. Post as many photos as you like--we don't mind. (And remember, you're getting better now--that's an order!)


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