Phone Pic Fun

So last year Jo surprised me with a new phone - I don't really know how to use it to it's full potential, but the camera and I get on pretty good. Anyways, I immediately started taking snaps of EVERYTHING!. It's a lot of fun and liberating too.

When bored or I had a bit of time, I'd snap something or other and upload it to twitter/facebook etc - under #phonepicfun (or something similar).

But why just on twitter?.

This little blog is my baby, so I'm going to post random pics from the phone here too. There wont be any big spiel with 'em, sometimes they may not even have a caption. You can come up with your own ideas about what they may or may not represent ... but I guess in essence they're little snap shots of life (at least my life), in Northern Australia.

... It's a new direction, bit of a laugh but mostly it's about having fun :)

Right now I'm trying to decide what app to use to blog direct from the phone ... that oughta keep me bemused for a while. I'm not a fan of most "apps" as they seem to be just advertising platforms or non-secure buggy garbage - but we'll see.

If you use (or know of), a good, stable, secure and usable for blogger app - let me know eh ... lol, I'm not holding my breath.

Take Care - Paul :)


  1. The little snake is adorable, but please tell me you and/or Jo were not in that car. Ouch!


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