Some Bugs For Bailey

Before we kick off, let me just apologise in advance. This post is an image behemoth - so if you have a slow connection or need to manage your bandwidth use, click here to view the mobile version.

With such banalities out of the way - let's crack on ...

Recently, I got to meet a little bloke who it turns out is a bit of a fan of this blog. According to his Mum, he - like me, is a critter nut.

Now I like nothing better than meeting like-minded people - so from one wildlife botherer to another, this post's for you Bailey ...

Butterflies - everyone likes butterflies right? Well, here's a few including a new spot for the garden - the aptly named Aeroplane Butterfly (Pantoporia consimilis), a real beauty in my opinion ... along with the darts, blues and browns etc ...

Pantoporia consimilis

Hypolimnas bolina

Lycaenidae sp click to enlarge

Tirumala hamata

Hypolimnas bolina

Hesperiidae sp

Hesperiidae sp

Melanitis leda

Hesperiidae sp

Lycaenidae sp

Hesperiidae sp

Hesperiidae sp (Note the tiny flower spider looking on)

And a couple of Moths (who are really just sleep disordered butterflies) ...

Geometridae sp


We've also had a few bees and wasps making an appearance. For the most part they are solitary, with one - the enormous Sphex argentatus being impossible to miss ...

Sphex argentatus

Parasitic Wasp Incheumonidae

Same wasp - later on a lamp



Resin Bee

Megachile sp

So a wasp an ant and a spider walk into a bar ...

The green-tree or weaver ants are doing their thing around the joint and as they are so closely related to wasps - I thought we'd a take a look at them next ...

Oecophylla smaragdina dragging a hapless caterpillar back to the nest

Collecting nectar

and stopping for a quick natter

And look who I found, another flower spider. A white flower spider - who I must admit is much like the yellow flower spider in previous posts, but you know ... paler. I posted one a couple of years ago ... still, ya can never have to many flower spider pics eh?.

Diaea sp (oh go - give us a hug...)

Patiently waiting ...

... her reward.

Other spiders are out and about too - with the jumping spider (below) giving me a hand to do the lawns ...

Salticidae sp

Ignoring the mozzies, I sat on the grass to watch this orb-web doing her thing one recent late afternoon ... if you ever need proof of miracles, just watch a spider build a web.

Eriophora transmarina

Her hard work soon  paid off

Of course not every critter is so enthusiastic about having so many spiders around ...

Have you seen the new bloody neighbours!


And with all this invert activity - you can be sure the birds are taking full advantage ...

Rainbow bee-eater Merops ornatus

Spangled Drongo Dicrurus bracteatus

Laughing kookaburra Dacelo novaeguineae

Yellow Bellied or Allied Sun-Bird Cinnyris jugularis

It's brilliant having the sun-birds back and the female is doing a hell of a job nesting despite the warm weather ... The male on the other hand seems to be at the pub more often than not. But he turns up occasionally (probably to ask the female if she knows where he left his keys ...).

I've been working on putting together a black and white series, (I have a bit of a vague plan but we'll get to that in another post ...). Anyway, here's some - mainly featuring my favourite insects, the dragonflies:

Click to enlarge

Of course there are always the colour pics too - and the herps as well as the insects make fine subjects to shoot:

Juv Boiga irregularis

Cane Toadlette bathing in a fallen banana plant flower petal 

Carlia longipes (M)

Litoria infrafrenata

Carlia longipes (F)

Carlia longipes

Carlia longipes

Neurothemis stigmatans

Agrionoptera insignis allogenes

Agrionoptera insignis allogenes

Orthetrum sabina 

Ommatius mackayi

Litoria infrafrenata

Planthopper Zoraida sp

Planthopper Siphanta sp

So there we have it Bailey - I hope you enjoyed a little look at some of the critters that share our garden.

And until we meet again, keep ya magnifying glass close and ya butterfly net even closer :)

Thanks to everyone else for stopping by too - take care :)


A quick acknowledgement for some of the I.Ds in this post: Many thanks to -


Zborowski Storey, PZ and RS, 2010. A Field Guide to Insects in Australia. 3rd ed. Australia: New Holland Publishers.

All the pics and any mistakes are my own.