Jo Jo n Paul
Garden Guests is Authored by Paul and Jo. A couple of wildlife miscreants who enjoy stumbling round in the bush.

Jo is the brains of the outfit being both a Uni graduate and successful business manager, while Paul is generally lucky to remember to wear pants ...

Both though have a deep love of nature and started Garden Guests in 2007 in an effort to raise a little sympathetic awareness of the animals that share, what we all often consider to be 'our', environment. While at the same time trying to reduce the hysteria regarding such critters as, [snakes, crocs, spiders etc] that is prevalent in the mainstream media - not to mention the pub.

Jo originally emigrated to N.Z from the U.K where she met Paul and together they moved to Tropical North Australia - Jo deserves credit for introducing Paul to photography - she deserves more credit for not smothering him in his sleep ...

Jo is also able to build snake cages and parrot perches, make amazing chutney, [just ask her neighbours] and capture incredible images on film she has also been known to rescue animals that go on to rule both of their lives.

In Paul's own words Jo is - 'the very, very best thing that ever happened too me that I probably don't deserve but I'm keeping that quiet' ...

Paul has worked in a multiplicity of industries and even the odd profession but blatantly denies having anything akin to a skill set and becomes vague and incoherent when threatened with responsibility.

If he can't be found peeking under rocks, wading through swamps or rifling through leaf litter - there's an excellent chance he'll be having a beer and pouring over a book on wildlife... [though he claims he can't read and just enjoys the pictures].

Despite this, he is a loyal and kind hearted sort of bloke which may have been why Jo married him in 2011 [we suspect it was more likely that the begging and pleading was getting on her nerves].

He has always been fascinated by nature and on one memorable occasion as a toddler, hopped down from the dinner table walked over to a fly, (trapped on the inside of the window), and promptly ate it - much to the stomach churning horror of his family. When asked why he did this, he carefully pointed out that he had seen a frog do the same thing and felt that was sufficient reason to emulate the behavior ['Planet of the Apes' was henceforth banned from the tele].

Garden Guests has undergone a few face-lifts since it's inception and for the most part this happens when Paul has nothing better to do - still, it keeps him away from the kitchen and we can all be grateful for that.

He's currently working on a contact page, which if true to form probably won't work - and you'll end up emailing someone in the defence department and getting arrested ...

At the end of the day Garden Guests isn't a 'science' blog, it's a record of the wildlife many of us share our homes and gardens with - albeit, often unknowingly. And a journal of some of the remarkable creatures found on their travels. So the authors try not to get too anal about identification or rabid about the referencing of sources [usually a link will be provided if one is needed].

For the most part a smattering of general knowledge and the odd guess are the order of the day...

The final word on the character of this blogs authors should go to the WWF:

Jo's inner animal

Paul's inner animal

If you'd like to find your 'inner animal' - head here:

WWF Inner Animal Quiz

"We hope you enjoy your visit to our little blog and find something of interest - oh, and thanks to everyone who comments, we appreciate you taking the time".

Paul and Jo :)