Brown Tree Snake (Boiga irregularis)

Jo posted a pic she took of our resident Night Tiger hunting, but when looking through the hard drive I found a few pics that I'd taken as well and as they show quite a behavioural aspect - I thought I'd add them to the mix.

The 'Night-Tiger' is a rear fanged colubrid - and whilst venomous, is for the most part regarded as 'harmless' to people. The bite from large adults may require treatment however and I have found these snakes to be extremely self - protective. Also a bite from any venomous snake should be treated with caution, esp in young people or those with pre-existing medical conditions...

So again, treat all snakes with respect and caution - but remember, they're not hunting you.

Night Tigers have become a pest species on some Pacific Islands, including Hawaii and especially Guam where they are a serious threat to native bird populations.

Interestingly, when I was in Cape York, this species of snake was the most common I found [with 16 in one night], and I tend to see them more often on or around the full moon.

Within a 100km radius of where we live this snake has some remarkable colour variations - and I have been lucky enough to see the 'Candy Kane' variety on occasion - thus, with a planned snake bothering expedition to their locale coming soon, I hope to be able to post some pics for you.


  1. Great photos but these snakes and the Pied Butcherbirds take an awful toll of the Sunbirds.

  2. Hey there me ol' mate, yep, they certainly take their fair share. But so far we have had two Sunbird chicks 'successfully' raised, to one loss, not a bad average ...

    Appreciate the comment.


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