Fair Use

I support a free and open internet and I want people to enjoy my hard won photos.

However, there are a few things I ask if you choose to download and use my pics:

1. I get credited
2. You do not alter the image
3. No commercial use

This includes using my work on social media accounts. If that account is professional, or part of your business, you do NOT have permission to use my photos.

This is to protect me should people use my photos for personal, or professional gain, or in other ways that I do not agree with.

If you ignore this, I may lodge a copyright complaint against you, which could mean you lose your social media account/s, (don't put me in that position).

This blog is NOT monetised, it's not restricted to anyone, in any way.

No blockers, no pop-ups, no ads - no subscription required.

It's a labour of love - please respect this.

If you'd like permission to use my photos outside of the three conditions outlined, (and I'm a pretty reasonable sorta cat), feel free to IM me: @GardenGuests or leave a comment on the post of the image you would like to use.

Have an excellent day, and try not to steal my shit - including my photographs and intellectual property - cheers!

"Yours Truly" BITD
Photo Credit: Crofty Jo

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