Giant Centipede

There are predators, and then there are PREDATORS. This Giant Centipede is of the caps lock variety. In fact, it's the one little animal I check my boots for, every morning. It never really occurred to me to also check my pool ... but that's where this unfortunate fellow was ... gently swaying on the bottom and sadly, quite dead, but a little startling to say the least.

Anyway, It seemed too good an opportunity to miss, so after fishing him out, I took some snaps to share with you.

Ethmostigmus rubripes

Showing scale

These mighty little warriors pack quite the punch - with people reporting extreme pain lasting for days as a result of the centipedes bite.

This one, while large is certainly not the largest I have come across and they can reach lengths in Au of over 160mm in length. Interestingly all of the specimens I have seen, inc one in N.W QLD all have blue legs ... while most of the descriptions I have read regarding them state that the legs will be yellow/orange.

Maybe a sub-species? ...

Still, an extremely interesting find eh? ... now, where are my boots ....?