Turtle Slaughter in Au

I'm not much of an environmentalist - I simply believe that good ecological management begins in our own yards and gardens. And I'm certainly no 'activist' - the only time I march anywhere is when the beer supply gets low.

That being said, there are some things that even someone as slack as myself should probably have a public opinion on.

Wanton cruelty is one such issue. Deliberate acts of cruelty are deplorable. They are offensive to me on every level and I have zero sympathy for the people who perpetrate such acts as the ones outlined in the linked clip below.

It sickens me even more when people attempt to racialise issues that have little to do with 'tradition' or 'culture' and everything to do with the inhumane exploitation of animals for profit.

A relatively 'fresh' kill

No caption required eh?

Note the plastic bags and still intact flippers

Above are a few pics that I took in Bamaga N.Qld. This Turtle 'burial' ground is on a little dirt track around 2km from the centre of town. Innumerable bleached bones lay scattered about and we counted around 30-40 turtle shells discarded in the undergrowth [there were no doubt many, many more ...].

There are of course those urban apologists, insulated by distance, who claim the issue is complicated - which is a smokescreen designed to discourage proper, factual debate.

Rocket science is complicated, so is the human nervous system and using an abacus. Cruelty isn't complicated, it's just difficult to confront when issues such as race and 'Native Title Rights' get stirred into the mix.

The following is a link to some footage which shows some extremely disturbing images of a gravid [pregnant] turtle being butchered while still alive having spent three days after capture awaiting this horrific fate.

Watch The Death Of A Turtle

If after you've watched this footage you feel that something should be done, get off ya bum and write to your M.P, join a turtle conservation group or simply write/tweet a post about the issue and keep it in the public eye.

I think the adage of 'For evil to succeed it only requires that good men do nothing' is particularly relevant.

Below is a link that allows you to follow the progress, or lackthereof, of the Turtle released in the clip:

Turtle Tracking

I originally posted this in 2012 (when I took those pics). Dugong and Turtle continue to be hunted in 2014 - however, there is a ground swell of people and organisations who are doing their bit to protect these animals and bring the focus back to animal welfare and away from spurious racial debates.

You can check out/contact/follow and support these guys:

Save Australian Dugongs and Turtles ~ @dugongman

Bob Irwin Wildlife ~ @BobIrwinFund (NOTE - this is not Bob Irwin in person, but rather Greg, a nice bloke who admins twitter etc for Bob).

Let me reiterate; this is NOT about 'race'. This is about animal welfare - it's about giving endangered animals the same protections that we afford cats and dogs.

Surely we can do better than this.