Signs Of Summer Wildlife

Sat evening, after a week that felt like a year, the decision was made to have an indolent evening around the BBQ annoying one or two ice cold bottles of beer ... but I thought I'd just post a few images of some of the animals we shared the night with.

Starting with a very brave family of Sunbirds who have decided to build on a power cord mere centimeters off the ground in our car port. The female is a very stout little lady and took my intrusiveness with quiet stoicism - the male on the other hand was keeping a distant but watchful eye on my every move ...

We had small insectivorous bats swooping through and a Bandicoot was busy crashing through the undergrowth not to mention countless little frogs leaping around on the pool fence ... but they can wait for another post; this one, at least the majority of it; is for the birds.

Female Yellow Bellied Sunbird returning to her nest in the late afternoon

Settling in for the night


Juvenile Laughing Kookaburra - may very well spell disaster for the Sunbird family 

The geckos are stirring - this handsome fellow seemed quite taken with his own reflection 

An often diurnal Magpie Moth Nyctemera secundiana seeking refuge

This is a perfect example of the Cane Toads ability to exploit their environment

The Cane Toad in the above picture was absorbing moisture from the recently watered pot plant. He had burrowed down a centimetre or two and was obviously enjoying what must have been a cooling and refreshing experience. I did note however that it had taken care not to cover the poison glands that provide it with such a formidable defence.

The more I observe these animals, the greater my respect for them becomes