Frogs Of The Wet

Remember me telling you that I'd fallen in the pool the other night getting some pics of Frogs? - well here's what I was up to at the time .... Now I'm not trying to pass the buck - but I'm fairly sure this little fellah gave me a shove ...

Little Red Frog Litoria rubella

The rain brings out the frogs - and this chap looks to me as if a shower would be greatly appreciated after emerging from his dusty hideaway.

Green Tree Frog Litoria caerulea

I really felt for this earnest Orange Thighed Tree Frog, he was giving it his all and making quite a bit of noise for a critter smaller than ya thumb - but alas, from what I saw twas all for nought ... never mind wee mate, we've all been there. Bloody women eh?

... and breathe in

Meanwhile, this Romeo was providing the competition ...

Litoria xanthomera

The Female Stony Creek Frog below had secured herself an absolutely prime spot - complete with water views.

Litoria sp

Though it wasn't just the frogs outside that we had to contend with - apparently there was something on at our place only the frogs knew about ...

Right lads, it's a $5 cover charge and a two drink minimum ...

Striped Rocketfrog Litoria nasuta

All great fun. And to be honest, it's good to see so many of these little guys around - as I've posted about before - frogs are under serious threat and globally their numbers are declining.  This is a bloody travesty but doesn't seem to be being taken as the environmental red flag that it most certainly is.