Leaden Flycatcher and Friends

Cruising in the garden this afternoon I spotted this particularly handsome little bird; he was flitting from plant to plant snapping up little insects and if you ask me he really seemed to be enjoying himself. As I was taking his picture he stopped and regarded me with what can only be described as inquisitive intelligence. More info on this neat little bird at the bottom of this post ...

Even though it's winter here - a dizzying array of insects were out and about as well - in fact, this is a just a small selection of those that I snapped. Enjoy the pics :) Take care.

Leaden Flycatcher Male Myiagra rubecula

Caper White Butterfly  Belenois java

Yellow Palm Dart Cephrenes trichopepla

Mycalesis sp?

Common Grass Yellow  Eurema hecabe

Flesh Fly Sarcophagidae sp

Red Winged Darter

The Leaden Flycatcher is a member of a group of birds termed monarch flycatchers. This group is considered either as a subfamily Monarchinae, together with the fantails as part of the drongo family Dicruridae, or as a family Monarchidae in its own right. They are not closely related to either their namesakes, the Old World flycatchers of the family Muscicapidae; early molecular research in the late 1980s and early 1990s revealed the monarchs belong to a large group of mainly Australasian birds known as the Corvida parvorder comprising many tropical and Australian passerines. More recently, the grouping has been refined somewhat as the monarchs have been classified in a 'Core corvine' group with the crows and ravens, shrikes, birds of paradise, fantails, drongos and mudnest builders.