QLD Croc Legislation

The QLD government has gone mad - and it wasn't a long trip. From bizarre 'bikie' legislation to doing absolutely nothing with regard to abhorrent Turtle harvesting in the North of the state [after promising they would, they had an enquiry ... which is a polite way of saying, they got together, had a coffee, decided it was all a bit hard and buggered off to the pub], now they're removing Crocs.

Apparently, there's a risk to voters and as such the crocs need to be relocated ... The idea being that taking SOME of the crocs from SOME of the rivers and waterways will keep ALL of the voters safe. It's absurd. Just like pool fencing legislation - after it was mandatory to have ya pool fenced, drownings increased.

And this has the 'experts' baffled ... yes, baffled.

Well, I'm no expert, but it's not a bloody mystery is it?. The moment something is legislated against or action taken by a Govt, people, being the extraordinary gormless creatures we are somehow assume that it's all sorted. No need for personal responsibility, the Government is on the job - light the BBQ, chill the beer and send the kids for a swim.

Thus we have increased drownings and soon, mark my words, increased incidences of people being gnawed on by the largest reptiles in Australia.

This'll happen because people will see less and less crocs around, they will then come to the erroneous, but understandable conclusion that all the signs and all the hype regarding crocs is just a marketing ploy aimed at gullible tourists ... and then they'll get eaten, or at least bits of them will.

And what of this much lauded claim that the crocs are 'relocated'. To where? - Well, according to the Govt:

EHP is concerned about crocodile and human interactions. Potentially dangerous crocodiles in populated areas are investigated by EHP and those that are deemed to pose a clear threat to people, dogs or stock are captured and removed.

These crocodiles are then made available to commercial crocodile farms and zoos.

Destroying a wild crocodile is a last resort.

Department of Environment
and Heritage Protection

Oh well that's alright then ... right?. Well no, it bloody well isn't. You see croc farms are for the most part - farms, and while many do indeed have a 'zoo' component to their operations, the fact remains that crocs are bred there to be made into belts and wallets. As for zoos, well zoos have finite space and even more finite budgets, it costs an awful lot to feed and house a croc - unless it happens to be a remarkable specimen, most zoos won't want it.

The last resort then quickly becomes the only option.

So let's just stop and think for a second shall we?. Tax payers get the bill for croc relocations, croc relocations will not work either for the croc, or for the public at large; [there will always be crocs around, you just won't know where any longer]. So why is this happening?.

It's happening because the Govt wants to be seen to be doing something - and what better than taking the ever popular 'protect the children route'?.

It's daft and ineffective, so it's also dangerous. Bloody Govts - they should stick to padding their expense accounts, giving themselves pay rises and losing ballot papers - leave the real world stuff to those of us who live in it eh?.

pics by me taken at Hartleys Croc Farm

Want to know who's lookin after the critters of QLD? Well, here's a link - to probably the ugliest web site I've seen since 1997 ... Andrew Powell MP - but don't email him, you'll get a form letter thanking you for your interest in plumbing and an invitation to join the party ...

I need a proofreader - they, they're, there and their - if you're typing fast ya miss it, but no matter how fast ya read - BAM! There it is lol - ah well, it's just a blog after all ... Hi Mum.


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