Wildlife Of The Week

You know how I'm always banging on about sticking ya head out the door and having a look around?. Well, here's a post with a few of the critters from the last week or so that I've spied by doing just that ...

Dragonflies mating - making excellent use of the washing line (don't try this at home)

I can't seem to get enough of whitelipped tree frogs - this one was snoozing on a banana plant and I couldn't resist taking a snap today ... beautiful eh?.

Litoria infrafrenata

This large and handsome Rhino beetle is one of many who often ponderously drone by - attracted to our outside lights.

Xylotrupes sp

At the start of the week with all the wind and rain, I traveled north for a job, the weather meant I had to turn back and on the way home I stopped at a little spot I know, where I got a pic of this rather sodden Frill Necked Lizard waiting out the storm ...

Chlamydosaurus kingii

Speaking of weather, I took this pic of the sunset from our backyard while we were all waiting to see what the cyclone (Dillon) would do ... yes, I know sunsets are like soooo last night, but I liked it as soon as I opened it on the puter - and I don't normally take shots like this. So what what the hell eh? It's all nature.

A tropical sunset - and not a palm tree in sight ...

The frill-necked lizard is so called because of the large ruff of skin which usually lies folded back against its head and neck. The neck frill is supported by long spines of cartilage which are connected to the jaw bones.

When the lizard is frightened, it produces a startling deimatic, (threatening or startling) display: it gapes its mouth, exposing a bright pink or yellow lining; it spreads out its frill, displaying bright orange and red scales; raises its body; and sometimes holds its tail above its body.

This reaction is used for territorial displays, to discourage predators, and during courtship. edited ^