Hover Flies And Friends

It's been a bit damp for the last little while (fancy that in the wet tropics). But the sun is out and we've had a few critters knocking around - here's a some pics and info on what I've seen ...

These two species of fly are laying their eggs in both pics. The first in the midst of a trickle of ants 'milking' their aphid charges for honey dew. I did wonder what will happen to the egg when the ants discover it - a quick protein filled snack for the Ant on the go eh? ...

Hover fly sp unknown

I think another hover fly. Again, unknown - large - common

Dart butterflies are very common, but they're so accommodating when it comes to snapping a pic or two, that I generally don't pass up the opportunity - it's easy to see where the name Dart came from too.

Dark Palm Dart?

Telicota ancilla?

Just how many dots can one little beetle be painted in? Well, this many it seems. A very pretty lady - sorry, but I have no idea of the species (still, it's saturday so let's not get all knee claspy and breathless about it ...)


There is an absolutely jaw dropping amount of spiders around at the moment - which is damned pleasing because the bloody mozzies are rampant. I was thrilled to discover a golden orb weaver (second pic down). When she grows up, she'll be around the size/span of an adult mans splayed hand. I'm very fond of these spiders, so I hope she survives in the wilds of the garden.

Jumping spider sp unkown

Nephila sp I love the way the sunlight makes her 'glow'

St Andrews Cross Argiope sp

Spider with egg sack - unknown, tiny

The bees and wasps were out and about doing their thing. The blue banded bee below is another favourite of mine - but the reality is the wasps also have their place. If only they weren't so damned pugnacious - I've been stung countless times and they are one of the primary reasons why I wear shades in the scrub.

Amegilla cingulata - note the left wing 'spanking' the spider web

Paper Wasp

Polistes sp

My old friend the Predatory Katydid was cruising around just outside the door the other night, so I got some more pics. In a call back to a previous post on photography, I used a head torch (just to confuse the issue, it was hand held) for lighting.

At one point I actually started laughing aloud because I must've looked ridiculous - contorted and teetering around, fumbling with one hand steadying the camera, the other holding the torch ... lol, just thinking about it makes me grin - idiot that I am.

Predatory Katydid

Hexacentrus sp

Note the spiny forelimbs used to ensnare their prey

Atractomorpha similis

And last night we had some friends over - their young granddaughter spied this little chap hanging out on a sign we have on our outside bookcase. So big ups to Marie for the great critter spot :)

My pic is so-so, but I think the message is dead on

I'm off to the Torres Strait for work - feel free to come with me via twitter ... the pics will be grainy and the posts probably won't make a whole hell of a lot of sense ... but you know ... it might be fun eh?

If you're not on twitter - don't sweat it, I'll do a little post about it when I get home - I've been often and I always mean to drag you guys with me, so this time, I hope to do just that ... (no doubt it will all go pear shaped now that I've said this lol).


  1. So love your photos of the superb garden guests you have come visiting :)

    1. Thanks! Coming from someone with such vision (and a gorgeous blog), I'll take that as a massive compliment :)


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