Dragonfly And Friends

It's been nice having time to wander about the place and just take things in - I make time for it otherwise, but just pure leisure - it's hard to beat eh?

Anyway, I got some more Dragonfly pics and I think this one's a doozy (yes, I know it's bad form to say that - but hey, if a bloke can't appreciate his own work once in a while, then what's the point eh?) ...

It'd settled on some pineapple plants, but with the wind gusting and no tripod I wasn't at all sure I'd get the pic. However, a little bit of fiddling with some camera settings (I won't bore you with the details) - and Le voilĂ ! ...

Common Glider Trapezostigma loewii

There was also this rather beautiful Dart - I'm not 100% sure of the species, but an uneducated guess would be Cephrenes trichopepla - see what you make of it ...

Yellow Palm Dart?

We also had an old friend pop in at the table to say hello - these inquisitive and vocal birds always make me think of the famous Berlin Archaeopteryx, with their leathered faces and improbable red eyes - fantastic creatures ...

Helmeted Friarbird  Philemon buceroides

As I am writing this post the cheeky wee bugger is back on the table helping himself to a banana!

The critters around here are really starting to get used to us ... half expect an Echidna to pop in to borrow a cup of sugar ...

The Katydid is still around - and yes, I featured him last time - but I think his sheer good looks and fastidious grooming deserve another look ...

Paracaedicia serrata

Now, for all you froggy fans out there - here's one who jumped up on the couch last night and watched a bit of tele with me - a Striped Rocket Frog.

Litoria nasuta

And finally - does anyone have any idea what this moth is? I certainly don't. I spied him this morning right next to the puter, disturbingly the poor little fellah expired moments after I took the pic. So literally hanging by a thread, or limb as the case may be ... But still beautiful - looks like its been dusted with polished copper.

Sorry, this is a bit of a dour note to end on ... ummm, have you seen the frog?


I hope you enjoyed the post - thanks to everyone who leaves a comment or shares my little blog, it's nice to be acknowledged.

Take Care

Paul :)