Feeding Wild Frogs

I've mentioned this little lady of the night before. She lives on the porch in a water feature/lamp and is one of the animals round the joint Jo and I are used to greeting of an evening. Last night, Jo decided to take the relationship to another level by offering her a woody, (from Jo's dragons special reserve).

The result was so astonishing that I had to grab the camera and get a few shots.

As a rule I don't believe in feeding wild animals for reasons I have gone into in previous posts.

Rules though are meant to be broken - also, I am not the boss of Jo ... and anyway, this frog is so bloody endearing that it'd be churlish to deny her an easy meal ...

L. caerulea in her usual spot

Fancy a roach?


Got a bit of finger there ...

Thanks Luv - you're a peach

The surprises didn't stop there however. At the end of the meal up popped another green tree frog (presumably a male). Now most animals, even frogs, tend to be a bit territorial - to find two living in such close proximity is, at least in my experience, quite something.

Say, ya wouldn't have any more of those would you?

Even though it stretches credulity to near breaking point, it's important to remember that these are wild frogs. We haven't gone out of our way to habituate them in any way (until last night).

It just goes to show that connections with even the unlikeliest of critters can be made ... it's not something that'll be repeated often, but a fun and entertaining little episode to share with you ...

Take care :)


  1. Ha love it!! Great shots & awesome interaction with the little cuties. :)

  2. I dont think feeding them one insect can do any harm, and it is definitely worth the great experience :)))

  3. Hi guys, thanks :) And no, feeding her one insect is okay - the problem is that it's so hard not to feed her a second and third! ... or fourth lol.

    Take care - Paul


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