An Empty Nest

With the risk of turning our nesting sunbird family into a mind-numbing repetition of sequels - I again decided that you'd like to know how the efforts of these plucky little birds have, or have not, been rewarded.

They've been rewarded ... I might've spoilt things a bit there.

At the very least, a newly breeding pair has succeeded in raising a chick. No mean feat when I consider just how many predators were lined up against them. Not to mention the environmental factors: cyclones, changes in season (complete with unusually dramatic changes in temperature). And perhaps most dangerously of all, the fact that they built right in the path of the beer fridge ...

Such challenges were over-come, (and once more I find myself being completely and unjustifiably proud of that).

Anyway, my lack of emotional distance notwithstanding ... here are some pics:

Caught in the dying light of a tropical winter's day. Mum with yet another tasty morsel

Amazed at the amount of energy raising one chick requires


Still, what goes in ...

(and you thought changing nappies was onerous)

Thus, the closing of another wild window we were privileged enough to peak through in our garden. After leaving the nest, the fledgling and its parents are still close by, but I've annoyed them enough. So no more pics, at least for a while.

In the past, at our old place, I got some snaps of a newly 'liberated' chick still being cared for by its parents. If you're not Sunbirded-out, here's the link: Garden Birds of North QLD

Lastly, and as always ... take care - Paul


Perfect pictures, as always! It's always amazing to watch how dedicated nature's parents can be!

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