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So I've taken the plunge (well, not a plunge - more of a gentle toe dip at the waters edge). Still, I'm now on Instagram, and yes, I feel very young and hip ... and mildly unclean.

Here's a screen shot of my 'gallery':

As you can see at the time of writing I have 43 ... errr, 42 followers. Obviously, the Kardashians don't feel to threatened - maybe I should just start taking pics of my lunch (then again, I don't suppose that many people would be interested in seeing a cigarette and a cup of cold coffee).

Perhaps I'm being churlish (I don't want to be churlish, I'd much rather be Doc, Happy or even Grumpy ...).

Most importantly, dear reader - I don't want you to feel left out. In fact I am currently in the midst of compiling and editing the first draft of what I hope will (eventually), be a published book - I know!, it's all very exciting.

Although about the only thing that Jo had to say was 'It's about bloody time!' ... she probably has a point.

It's a rough and ready account of a small town Kiwi's move to tropical north Australia and the critters, people, places and events that have shaped the journey. A little history, a bit of humour, a lot of wildlife and possibly too much honesty. Complete with pics, (now ya wouldn't want to miss that would you? - and hey, if worst comes to worst, I'll have a stack of Xmas prezzies on hand). I'll keep ya posted.

Speaking of pics, here's a few that I've taken in the last while

A jewel in the Rainforest

I thought with its scalloped wings and eye spots this had to be a granny's cloak moth - but now ...?

The underside of a hawkmoth (Theretra silhetensis) Note the spiracles on the abdomen

This cheeky slaty-grey slipped in to say g'day :)

Wattle pigs doing their do

With some rain around the cicadas are out in force

Personally, I feel that if you spy a stick insect in situ  it's an automatic beer (Anchiale briareus)

Clearwing swallowtails went nuts recently when our mock orange flowered

Jewel flutterer - one of my fav photo's

Social Media 'experts' are the snake-oil salespeople of the 21st century
(and with that said ...)

A quick word on the slaty grey snake. While some people claim it has a mild venom others disagree. The general consensus though is that it is not dangerously venomous. However, it looks very similar to a species of snake that is dangerously venomous - the small-eyed snake.

The slaty is also well known for its cranky disposition and mimics the behaviour of other snakes esp the elapids. It will rear its head and assume an S like posture with much throat puffing and mouth gaping. It was quite easy to distinguish this snake from its potentially dangerous cousin as the loreal scale was easily visible.

This isn't always the case - so before you go buggering about with snakes, do your research or better yet, simply look and don't touch.

That's it for today's post - so for now and as always, take care :)



  1. OK I finally got over to this site and it's fabulous. Thanks for sharing so many interesting photos Paul! Emma from Going Native in the Illawarra.

    1. Hi Emma, thanks for the kind words - dig your wonderful blog also, loads of excellent info and photos. I really enjoy reading your native plants in the garden posts. Brilliant!

      Take care my friend :)


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