Around FNQ

A slightly whimsical sorta post today. Just some pics that I've snapped around the joint, (the 'joint' being FNQ in this case). However, one discovery absolutely made my night when I came across it ...

This beach is in the Daintree ... but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It's all sandy and sunny and such. A bloody miserable experience all 'round quite frankly.

Just awful

In direct contrast to the above horror, here's a nice - slightly arty shot of a mantid at a mates place, joining us for a beer.

Town chillin'

Of course - there's always room for a bit of violence and mayhem ... this female Green jumping spider made short work of the poor old cicada.

(Mopsus mormon)

... tropical species include some of the most beautifully coloured jumpers, notably the metallic-hued species of Cosmophasis and the green and yellow bodied, white tufted Clown Spider, Mopsus mormon, among many others. Jumping spiders - The Australian Museum

Now, for the main event. I was out spotting, (I generally refer to this as going for a 'snunt' - a combination of snake and hunt). Anyway, out lookin' around and to my absolute delight, as I was driving the old truck, I happened to spy this little guy.

He was snoozing on the end of a stem right next to the road, and while I did feel a bit guilty about interrupting his slumber - getting a pic of him was an opportunity I wasn't going to miss.

Boyd's forest dragon (Lophosaurus boydii)

I've done a fairly comprehensive post on these groovy dragons before, (link in the note below) - and it's good. No really, nice pics and everything. This chap will make his way to that post too eventually, but for today - he can have some glory all to himself here.

Estimates on the longevity of this lizard vary wildly. From those who suggest a life span of between 5-10yrs to those who claim they may live for 60yrs!. Boyd's Forest Dragon

Far North Queensland (FNQ) is the northernmost part of the Australian state of Queensland. Its largest city is Cairns and it is dominated geographically by Cape York Peninsula, which stretches north to the Torres Strait, and west to the Gulf Country. Wikipedia

I know what you're thinking - the place looks amazing - but it isn't. Trust me, you wouldn't like it. There are very few malls and the coffee is appalling. Have you considered the Gold Coast? ...

LoL - take care, Paul