A Return To Abattoir Swamp

Before we kick off, and for those of you who celebrate it, I wish you all a very Happy Easter, for those of you who don't partake - well, I wish you a Happy Easter all the same. A few posts ago, I introduced some of you to a regular little haunt of mine. Abattoir Swamp. - hit the link to check it out. Anyway, last night it was a full moon - not usually my preferred phase when critter bothering.

Brown Tree Snake
Snake on a wire?

But it was a nice evening with a warm, gentle breeze blowing, so we jumped into the truck and trundled off ...

Upon arrival, the sun was just beginning to set. We tested our torches, adjusted camera settings and as the roosting birds became cacophonous, ventured forth.

The generally accepted beaten path area of the swamp isn't large, though you can venture further afield if you choose. We decided to just keep it chilled and stuck to the boardwalk and short adjacent tracks.

We were greeted by a medium-sized white-lipped tree frog as it set out for a night of hunting:

White-lipped tree frog
Evening ...

It's always been mildly puzzling to me regarding just how few frogs I actually see there. I mean, it is a bloody swamp, right? We did hear a brown-striped frog tocking away as well, but no one was replying - a little dour TBH.

At the hide itself, we poked around, and I scanned the rafters in the hopes of perhaps spotting a snake - but alas, it wasn't to be ... I was about to head out again when Jo said, "Ummm - did you see the spider?"

I looked in the direction of her torchlight, and bugger me if there wasn't one of Eights cousins just hangin' out - calm as ya like!

Grey huntsman
Grey huntsman - over hand-span in size

I have to admit, I'm a touch disappointed in myself. Had I been more switched on, I would've placed an item in-frame to give ya some idea of scale ... ah well, you'll just have to take my word for it.

As I left the hide, my mind was on other things - but a hint of movement in the periphery of my light caused me to pause ...

Brown Tree Snake AKA Night-Tiger

This beautiful juvenile night-tiger had presumably just stirred from her slumber and was on the prowl. Well, up until I came along. However, I was a just temporary distraction and having got my shots, I left her to continue the search for a meal.

I think the best thing about being out and about is that ya just never know what ya might come across ...

Spider shedding its skin 1
... almost

Spiders moult as they grow - an extreme version of loosening ya belt ...

Spider shedding 2
Nearly there ...

Spider shedding 3 - final
Phew ... bloody hell, I'm fair knackered just watching!

A really fascinating little moment, and one I'm glad to be able to share with you ... the night kinda just slipped on from there. If you're in the area, check it out for yourself - I'd be interested to know what you stumble across on your adventures too, so don't be shy about leaving a comment ...

A gentle reminder that there are no toilet or rubbish facilities at Abattoir Swamp, so keep that in mind, eh? - Cheers ya legends! Take care


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