Those Beautiful Frogs

I'm a firm believer in the idea that if you don't like frogs - there is something fundamentally wrong with you - not liking frogs is akin to not liking beer, or sunshine - in fact, if you don't like frogs you may very well have a serious illness and should seek assistance [if you don't like beer, I'm afraid you're beyond help ...]

Anyhoo - here's a few pics that perfectly illustrate my point:

The two at the top are of an Orange thighed Treefrog [Litoria xanthomera] - while the big handsome chap is a 'Common' Green Treefrog [Litoria caerulea] both species are regular visitors to our garden and we feel damned lucky to have them around.

Remember: Frogs are friends, not food! - you hear that you French B#$%%#$@#ds!

Ahem ... anyway, enjoy the pics... :)