Saw Shelled Turtle

The Saw-shelled Turtle is a new addition to the blog and one that I'm absolutely stoked about. This freshwater turtle [sometimes known as the Serrated snapping turtle] is found throughout the East-coast of Qld and as far south as N.NSW.

They prefer slow moving waterways, creeks and ponds - rather than swift or large rivers and eat a variety of plants and animals, including Cane Toads [which is just one of the many reasons these turtles should be treasured].

Elseya latisternum

Showing the serrated scutes that give rise to it's common name

The nodules on the neck and chin are called tubercles

The tubercles on the chin may help the turtle find crustaceans and other animals in murky water or dark conditions - but that's just a theory I have ... and I could be completely wrong.

Litoria gracilenta just one of the many animals predated by Elseya

According to people who keep them as pets, these Turtles are good natured and calm and I have no doubt they provide endless entertainment and fascination. In fact, I am seriously considering purchasing a couple myself.

Major threats to these little guys include pollution/drainage of waterways and believe it or not - traffic, as they tend to wander a bit in search of new territory's or mates and are often killed crossing roads. So keep an eye out esp in the dry season.

No Turtles or Tortoises have teeth, instead they rely on sharp cutting edges of their jaws to tear food, Elseya have also been known to use their sharp front claws to render their prey into more manageable, bite sized pieces

Turtles, just all around awesome animals eh? Have an excellent day :)


  1. now these guys are cute and dont kill you?!!! fab photo's! sue p

  2. hey Sue - not long now eh? - Well be cheering you on ... from the comfort of the couch of course, no need to get silly. All the best and we'll have a chat when ya get ya breath back! :)


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