Spiny Katydid

The Spiny or Prickly Katydid is native to QLD and N.NSW where it lives in the rainforest and relies on it's stunning camouflage to protect it from predators - it does however have one other neat trick in it's arsenal. If disturbed the insect abruptly raises it's rear legs displaying brightly coloured inner thighs in an attempt to dissuade would be attackers.

Phricta sp

Common resting position

Hind legs used for defense

The insect pictured is male, you can sex these animals by looking for the ovipositer [egg laying tube] at the tip of the abdomen on females. However, if you really want to learn more about these amazing insects, head over to Davids Blog at Bunyipco there's a wealth of info to be had.

Insect Facts:
Over 80% of all animal species are insects making them by far the most successful group.
Annually 8-10,000 new species are discovered globally and there may still be up to 30 million new species yet to be described
Around 40,000 known species live in TNQ with perhaps double that number yet to be found.