White Flower Spider

Captured some pics of this handsome lady predating a bee. Like all Crab/Flower Spiders, this little animal is an ambush predator and relies on lighting fast reflexes and good eyesight to capture her prey.

Thomisus spectabilis

Crab spiders are so named due to their habit of holding their forelegs extended much like a crabs pincers - they do this so that when the time comes they can 'embrace' their prey to deliver their venomous bite.

This bee is probably stingless, but you have to wonder if a sting would have helped anyway?

This spider was a little aggressive and she made it quite clear that she was of the bite first ask questions later variety - this really isn't a concern though as their bite is harmless to people - so ya can put the spray down eh?.

Spider Fact:
Spider silk is so strong that catching a fly in a web is equivalent to stopping a jet plane with a net made of strands just a few centimetres thick

All in all an interesting discovery in the garden.

Take care :)