Cane Toad Kama Sutra

The other night while Jo, a friend, her dog and I, were attempting to drain North Queensland of wine and stuffed olives, something so ridiculously inviting of anthropomorphism happened that I thought it worthy of a quick post.

Now you could be excused for considering this a whimsical entry ... and, of course, it is - so you're excused [please rinse your plate]. But there is also something a touch deeper going on.

The dog startled these two amorous Cane Toads ... but rather than separating, the male simply clung on to the female, who in turn flipped them both onto their backs in her effort to flee.

Bufo marinus

Ironically there actually is a sexual position in the Kama Sutra called 'The Toad' ... and if you're curious [or supple] here is a link to it. Please note I take no responsibility for damaged furniture or bodily injury suffered as a direct result of visiting the site :)

They stayed this way for quite a few minutes ... obviously the male was hoping to continue on - but the female was having none of it and eventually wrested herself away from the crestfallen fellah.

The point is that it shows how powerful the drive to reproduce is ... and it's just one more example of why Cane Toads have been such successful colonists.

Sadly for these two toads their night got even worse as I euthanised them in the freezer - a chore which I don't enjoy. However, doing so has made a real difference to the number and variety of other animals who visit us - so the end justifies the means.

Well, I'm off to have a bit of a shoofty round the place to see what may be seen, if you'd like to learn a little more about Cane Toads - click on the link in the side bar ...

Till next time - take care :)